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The goals of your CRM program is to identify your customers, categorize them into segments and then target market them with messages to drive incremental visits and spend.  In conjunction with a loyal program to generate names and offers can provide a powerful combination of tools to turn new or infrequent diners into loyal guests.


There is an old adage that says it cost significantly more to acquire new guests than to retain an existing one.


Therefore, CRM and loyalty programs play an important role in turning new or infrequent diners into loyal guests. Restaurant guests not only expect an exceptional dining experience, but also to be recognized for loyalty to the brand. This requires restaurants to recognize loyal guests on every visit and provide them special attention and offers as soon as they enter your restaurant. If your guest’s expectations are met, it leads to more frequent visits and larger check sizes

Step 1 – Guest Journey Mapping

A Our first step often includes a guest journey mapping exercise to learn how guests interact at points during the dining journey from selecting your restaurant, making reservations, arriving, ordering, paying and providing feedback. Once you understand the ideal journey you are in a much better position to develop your strategy.

Step 2 - Strategy

Even with your Guest Journey Mapping defined and your objectives established, there’s still a lot of work to be done to build and deploy an effective CRM / Loyalty program. RCP will help you design a strategy that identifies the core program you need, how tiers and layers can be used, and finally the use of promotions and power of segmentation.  We want your guests to develop a profitable relationship that lead to brand loyalty, repeat business and an increased average ticket size.


With a proper customer relationship strategy in place, your business can increase sales while delivering the dining experience your guests expect.


Step 3 – System Selection

RCP's expert advice enables you to select the ideal real-time CRM technologies and evaluate CRM vendors on how well they meet your criteria.


Selecting your restaurant CRM / Guest Loyalty solution is a long-term strategic decision for your company. We help you define the critical success factors and selection criteria using our proven methodology that best fits your organization.


Our team’s restaurant expertise and understanding of CRM / Loyalty technology will help you to select and implement the solution that best fits your business strategy.

Step 4 – Implementation

When implementing your CRM / Loyalty system, we help identify data sources and integration requirements as well as the change management impact to your organization (support/call center). We manage the construction of the program, promotions, analytics, reporting and effectiveness. We manage the vendors and the project to a timeline and budget and work with your team throughout the planning, design, configuration and development process.  We can perform or manage testing and the implementation to ensure a seamless and successful deployment.


Our implementation methodology can be Waterfall or Agile based on requirements of your organization.

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