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Restaurant analytics can help you gain sophisticated insights into your business aiding in smarter, quicker decisions to optimize your business performance.  The multitude of options available make choosing a restaurant analytics and business intelligence (BI) platform a very difficult process that can seem overwhelming.


Step 1 – Strategy

The high business impact areas are identified and prioritized, mapped against the company’s strategic imperatives to deliver a rapid ROI.  We also identify quick win opportunities so immediate improvements can be made to impact ROI.  We create a roadmap for your analytics and BI teams to show proposed results that lays out the foundation for continued advancements. Our strategy is always mindful of your business objectives, organization goals, and budget.


Step 2 - System Selection

Selecting your restaurant analytics solution environment is a long-term strategic decision for your company. RCP helps you define the critical success factors and selection criteria using our proven methodology that best fits your organization.


Our team’s restaurant expertise and understanding of analytics technology will help you to select and implement the solution that best fits your business strategy.


Step 3 – Implementation

When implementing your analytics and BI system, we help identify data sources and integration requirements as well as data seeding. We manage the construction of dashboards, reports and alerts. We manage vendors and the project to a timeline and budget and work with your team throughout the planning, design, configuration and development process.  We can perform or manage testing and the implementation to ensure a seamless and successful deployment.


Our implementation methodology can be Waterfall or Agile based on requirements of your organization.

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