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Mobile devices are an integral part of our lives, changing not only how we interact with each other but how we interact with the restaurants we dine at.  Guests have an abundant amount of information at their fingertips to research and rate their dining experience.  Your guests can now use mobile devices to find your establishment, order online, access your guest Wi-Fi, pay for their meals and then rate their meal and post to a number of social media and review sites.


Putting mobile devices in the hands of your associates and servers is also key as taking orders on mobile devices speeds service and increases order accuracy, which improves customer service.  It also allows for touchless payment processing increasing guest security and payment requirements.


From reservations to ordering to back office processing, the RCP team specializes in all things mobile. We will help you deliver a world-class mobile experience for your guests, associates and servers.

Step 1 – Strategy

Our team of highly experienced experts will guide you in developing the best mobile strategy for your guests, associates, managers and servers.  RCP utilizes best practices to address the key capabilities needed to provide a robust yet user friendly experience.  We identify architecture requirements to ensuring an optimized experience with capabilities that can extend into the future. 


We create a roadmap to show proposed sequencing that lays out the foundation for continued advancements.   Our strategy is always mindful of your business objectives, organization goals, and budget.

Step 2 - System Selection

Once you have defined your mobile strategy and roadmap, choosing the right solution might seem overwhelming.


There are many mobile hardware and application choices to match the right technology provider with your business requirements.  We use a thorough evaluation with due diligence to understand your distinguishing requirements. We help you navigate the complex landscape of leading vendors to select the right mobile technologies and capabilities that is best for your specific needs.


Step 3 – Implementation

Our consultants work with you when implementing your mobile solutions.  We help define business process flows, manage vendors and manage the project to a timeline and budget. RCP works with your team throughout the architecture, planning, build and testing cycles to ensure a seamless and successful implementation.


We will work with you to implement and deploy your desired mobile solutions, all while providing advice on change management and training to your employees, to ensure a seamless implementation and deployment.

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