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As new dangers continue to emerge, restaurants must continuously reexamine their strategies and policies surrounding payment security. Simply being PCI compliant is no longer enough, and a multi-tiered defensive approach has become more important than ever for your business.  Using our proven methodology, our payment security experts will help assess your current payment landscape and guide you through industry best practices in order to develop and implement a best practice payment security strategy.


RCP will factor in your unique risk and maturity profile, your existing and planned payment infrastructure, and your supported business processes and underlying systems as we look to quickly identify key points of vulnerability and work to develop a payment security strategy for the short and long-term of your key data inside your restaurants, at your corporate offices and in the cloud.

Step 1 – Strategy

A single security breach can be a crippling blow to any company.  As a result, a well thought out cybersecurity strategy is more important than ever before.  We will help you develop a leading-edge payment security strategy using our proven methodology.  Our strategy approach is based on: your business processes and underlying systems, your risk and maturity profile, and your existing and planned payment infrastructure.


A top priority is your current information security practices. We will guide you in the budget resources and funds required to identify and implement measures that will protect the valuable customer data your organization processes every day.

Step 2 - System Selection

Once you have defined your payments strategy and roadmap, choosing the right solution might seem overwhelming.


There are number of payment providers, fraud alert agents and hardware providers.  We pride ourselves in matching the right vendors to the right technology provider with your business requirements.  RCP will utilize a thorough evaluation with due diligence that understands your distinguishing requirements. We help you navigate the complex landscape of leading vendors to select the right payment solution with capabilities that is best for your specific needs.


Step 3 - Implementation

Our consultants work with you when implementing your payment solution.  We help define business process flows, manage vendors and manage the project to a timeline and budget. We work with your team throughout the architecture, planning, build and testing cycles to ensure a seamless and successful implementation.


RCP will work with you to implement and deploy your desired payment solutions, all while providing advice on change management and training to your employees, to ensure a seamless implementation and deployment.

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