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Restaurant POS technology is constantly evolving to meet the expectations of the customer.  As your guests' expectations change, so does the technology required to stay one step ahead.  We will work with you to establish your key guest experience objectives through a proven and flexible strategy that matches your business goals with that of your customer.  Our methodology accounts for the ever-changing POS landscape, guest experiences, mobile and online ordering (server and guest-facing), payment processing and security.


Step 1 – Guest Journey Mapping

Our first step often includes a guest journey mapping exercise to learn how guests interact at points during the dining journey from selecting your restaurant, making reservations, arriving, ordering, paying and providing feedback. Once you understand the ideal journey we are in a much better position to develop your strategy.


Step 2 - Strategy

By aligning your business processes, key metrics, objectives and roles, responsibilities and technologies, we deliver a comprehensive set of restaurant-focused services and requirements to meet your POS goals.


Step 3 – System Selection

Selecting the right POS system starts by matching your specific restaurant systems needs from the ideal POS strategy to your POS requirements. The results are used to select the best vendor match to your processes while delivering cost savings, increased efficiency and overall margin improvement.


There are many POS options to choose from and matching the right technology provider with your business requires using a proven RFI/RFP process that understanding your distinguishing requirements and our knowledge of leading POS technologies and capabilities.


Step 4 - Implementation

When implementing your POS system, we help define the business process flows, we manage vendors and the project to a timeline and budget. We work with your team throughout the planning, design, configuration and development process.  We can perform or manage testing and the implementation to ensure a seamless and successful deployment.


Our implementation methodology can be Waterfall or Agile based on requirements of your organization.

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